Control Panel Version Notes

v1.5.0.44, January 27, 2020

  •   Bug Fix   Fixed a problem on 1.5.0 Beta version, where profile information would not be saved.

v1.5.0.42, January 27, 2020

  •   Bug Fix   Fixed a problem that occured with preview tool on 1.5.0 Beta version.

v1.5.0.32, January 24, 2020

  •   Bug Fix   Fixed an issue with generating APK files on 1.5.0 Beta version.

v1.5.0, January 20, 2020   Beta  

  •   New Feature   Redesigned the login and register pages.
  •   New Feature   Redesigned the app list page.
  •   New Feature   Added a field on the dashboard to enter the iOS ad codes.
  •   New Feature   The preview tool on the dashboard is improved.
  •   New Feature   Invoices can now be created on E-archive, thanks to new e-archive integration.

Publishment Date: 22 June 2018

Version no:

  •   New Feature   Now you can disable or enable toolbar (top bar) display option for your Web Module. When you disable toolbar from your panel, this option hides toolbar completely and gives you more space to display your web content.

Publishment Date: 18 June 2018

Version no:

  •   New Feature   You can check version number on your panel page at the bottom side.
  •   New Feature   Multi language support added to Web Module URL part. Now you can enter URL for each language that your application supports.
  •   Bug Fix   The error conditions that occurred when clicking on the content page were fixed.