Step 2: Add content to your app

In this step, you may find information on how to add content to your app.

If you have created your app using the App Wizard,

Your App Content will be generated automatically from the information on the Facebook page or the website you have input into the wizard. If you want to add additional modules to the mobile app, you may continue reading this article. Otherwise, you may proceed to the next article of Step3: Customize the App Design.

Adding Modules

You can see Active Modules by clicking the content tab, to the left side of your panel. You can add them to your mobile app by clicking the Add to App button under the module you desire to use.

In the Standard Content Module;

Title: Here, you may type in the name of the module as it will appear in the app.

Text: You can type in the content for the module here.

Images: Here, you can edit the background and main images for the module as they will appear in the app.

After filling in the areas requested from you, you can add the module to your app using the save button on the top right.

You can see the module you have added in the App Content section.,

This way, you can add as many contents to the app as you desire. You can also review the Modules category.

You have now completed the step of adding content; you may proceed to the next article: Step 3: Customize the App Design.