Final Step: Promoting your app

You have created your mobile app with the control panel and published it in the stores. Now you need to increase the usability of your app and reach your targets. You will need to achieve the following three steps:

Promote your mobile app
Keep the user engagement high
Keep the app up to date

1. Promote your Mobile App

Promotion of a mobile app involves many aspects. You can’t say your app is being marketed just by putting on the stores. You may benefit from reading the articles in our Promotion category, as well as posts on the MobiRoller Blog.

The amount of income your app will make is directly proportional to reaching more users through the marketing efforts.

2. Keep the User Engagement High

It is important for your users not to sever the connection between your app and themselves. The more active the users are in your app, the more you will earn through the advertisements on the app.

Also, if the app remains unused for extended periods of time, users will begin to see it as redundant on their devices. This, in turn, may limit the growth and reach of your app to the larger audiences.

The most important power you have in leading the users to use your app is the use of Push Notifications.

You may communicate to your users with the push notifications feature, and always keep the usability of your app at a high level.

For more information on using the push notification features, you may inspect the articles in Push Notifications section.

3. Keep the App Up to Date

Staying updated is of utmost importance for every mobile app. The users will choose the most up to date app that provides newer information over an obsolescent one.

Keeping your app updated with MobiRoller is very easy. Since MobiRoller adopts a native app structure, the changes you make on the dashboard will be instantly updated on your app too.

You will need to recreate an APK and make an update on the market only in situations where you have made changes to the fields such as app’s name, icon or package name. You may take a look at the article “How can I Change my App’s Name and Icon.”

Now your mobile app is fully ready. By sticking with the points in this article, and keeping the app up to date, you will get your mobile app plans to come true.