Regarding Security Alert on Play Store

After the last warning changes made by Google, in the Google Play console in apps you have published by MobiRoller;

Your app has been compromised by others who has Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API
contains keys. For detailed information, please visit this Google Help Center
Vulnerability locations:
Güvenlik açığı konumları:

A warning message has started to appear as the example above. Although there is no warning that this message will prevent your app from working properly or will be removed from the market, there is no “getting into someone else’s” situation.

So why is this warning displayed?

Our YouTube module runs through the Google service, where the Google service created by us is shared and is not available to another person in apps made by us. In other words, this warning arises from a service that is used by MobiRoller apps, it is definitely not in another source.

What should I do to remove this warning?

Please note that this will not affect you and our technical team is working to fix the warning change made by Google. Only an informational message is shown here.

Why wasn’t I notified before this happened?

The security updates made in the Google Play console are managed by Google itself, as it is the case with the last update, it is not clear when to do this and what to cover, especially on non-critical issues. For this reason, we do not have the opportunity to inform you before, but whenever there will be a critical update, technical arrangements are made for these beforehand and it is sufficient for you to follow the updates and make your publications / updates. Now and in the future, the latest developments will continue to be followed and organized, and the security of your apps will always be protected.