Step 2: Create Your App Content

At this stage, we’ll examine how we can add content and how to view content that we add.

First of all, we are one of the two steps you should be aware of when preparing your application. Your application content and application design are important factors for your users.

 Adding Module

You see many modules on the content screen. We switch adding application screen by pressing Add to Application through using these modules. Fill in the required fields for the module and add to our application by pressing the Save button.

Each module has different functions for creating application content. You need to add according to the features and functions you want to add to your application.

For instance;

Let’s add About Us Module to the application.

When you see the screen,

Title: You can enter the name of the module to be displayed in the application from this field.

Header: This is the title section that will be displayed in the About Us page.

About: You can enter a summary of your company, service or content through using this field.

Description: You can enter the full About Us section in this field in detail.

Twitter: You can enter your Twitter profile page address here.

Facebook: You can enter your Facebook profile page address here.

LinkedIn: You can enter your Linkedln profile page address here.

Google+: You can enter your Google+ profile page address here.

E-Mail: You can enter your e-mail address here.

Web address: You can enter your web address here.

Images: You can edit the background image of the module in the application from this area.

After you complete the required fields, you can add the About Us module to your Android/iOS application through Save button at the top right.

As above, you must fill in the required fields in all modules and then press the save button on the top left will be added to your application. Therefore, you can improve the content of your application by adding as many modules as you want.

Each module will have a different task within the application. Therefore, you have to fill different areas you will be prompted for the content of each module. You can review the Modules category to see our articles on how to use all modules. 

We have completed the step of adding content. For application design, see Step 3: Customize Application Design.