Step 5: Send push notifications

Once you have created your APK and installed it on your device, you can send push messages to it.

What is a Push Notification?

Push notifications are messages that you can send to the users who have your app installed on their devices. A notification will be sent to the users as long as they have an active internet connection. Besides, with the Mobiroller, you can also navigate the users to a specific screen in your app thanks to the push message you send them through the platform so that they will be looking at the screen you would like them to. This allows you to communicate your events, campaigns, newsflashes, etc. directly to your users. Also, if your app supports multiple languages, you can send them notifications specific to the language they are using.

How do I Send Push Notifications?

Click Push Notifications on the left side menu on the dashboard.

Click Send Notification button on the following screen, which in turn, will take you to notification sending screen. Also, if you are using the Free package, you will see here the number of daily notifications you have left.

Once you click the Send Notification button,

In the following screen, you may read “Number of devices that will receive push notification : 0”. That means your app is not downloaded on any device. For detailed information on how can you install your app on an Android device, you can refer to the article called How can I Install my App on an Android Device?

If your app is not installed on any device, there will be no recipients, and so your notification will be wasted.

Once your app is installed at least on one device, the background of Number of devices that receive push notification field will now be green. As new users download your app, this number will increase. However, removing the app by the users from their devices will not reduce the number.

Send To:

You can use this feature to choose to send the notification to members, non-members or to a group that you will create yourself. This feature is only available to Business Package users.

Notification Message:

Here, you will need to type in the message you want to send the users. If a second language is active for the app, you will need to type for both languages.


In this section, you can choose a screen for the message to take the users into. This selection is not mandatory.

Send Date:

You may either send your notifications instantly or at a later date by choosing a date and time.

When you are setting a time for the sending of messages, by choosing the time zone, you can ensure that users will receive it within the time expected.

Once you have filled in the information asked, click on the Save button to save the message for sending.

Then, your notification will be displayed on your device. Once you tap the message that is displayed,

It will launch your app, and if you have chosen a screen, that screen will be displayed.

Who can Send Push Notifications?

Users who have any of the Eco, Pro and Business packages can send an unlimited number of Push Notifications. Owners of the Free package, however, can send five push notifications per day. Once you are out of daily push notifications,

You may click Send Notification button to purchase the right to send unlimited notifications for 30 days.

Now that you have completed the step of sending push notifications, you can proceed to Step 6: Upload Your App to the Stores.