Step 6: Publish your app to the stores

Step 6: Publish your app to the stores

You have completed the creation of your mobile app and can now upload it to the app stores to reach more people. If you like, you may upload the app to the Mobiroller Market, Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store.

Before featuring your app on the stores, you may want to read the articles: How can I test my app before publishing it (Mobiroller Preview) and Points to pay attention to when publishing my mobile apps.

How do I Publish my App on the Mobiroller Market?

To publish your app on the Mobiroller Market, click the Publish button on the left menu of the dashboard.

Description: This is the field where you describe the purpose and features of your mobile app. You may use a maximum of 4000 characters in this field.

Short Description: This is the first text that the users who are looking at your app on the Mobiroller Market will see in the details section. Character limit is 80 here. The users may extend the text to see the full description of your app.

Recent Changes: This is the field where you will need to edit when you have updated an app that was already published. You may use 500 characters max.

Keywords: This is the field where you need to type in the keywords that describe your app, separated by a comma. You can use 80 characters max.

Category: In order to help with users discovering your app, you need to choose here the category that fits it best.

Content Rating: You can define what age groups etc are targeted by your app in this field.

Screenshots: The screenshots you upload here will be displayed on your app’s details page on the MobiRoller Market. Pick at least 2 screenshots that will promote your app. We suggest you be especially attentive on your choice, as the visual success of the images you choose here will ensure more downloads for your app. You may upload maximum 5 screenshots.

After filling in the information asked of you, you will need to read and accept the publishing rules and click Upload to Market button.

In the screen that will follow,

You will need to manually enter the links of your app’s Google Play Store and Apple App Store links IF you have published it those stores by yourself.

The MobiRoller can publish the apps of the yearly Pro and yearly Business packages using MobiRoller’s own Apple AppStore Developer Account. It doesn’t publish to any other stores.

If you do not have your app on the markets, leave them empty and click the Apply button. Now your publishing application has been sent to the MobiRoller team. After careful examination by the team, they are evaluated in between 1-5 business days. After your app is published, your market link will be sent via e-mail.

When you click Publish afterward, a different screen will greet you.

Edit Market Info: Using this option, you can update the information of your app on the MobiRoller Market.

Market Actions: You can check the status of your app on the MobiRoller Market with this option.

Share Your App: You can share your app on your website using this button. For more information, you may refer to the Promotion category.

How do I Publish my Mobile App on the Google Play Store?

You may review the article called How do I Upload my Android App on Google Play Store?

How do I Publish my Mobile App on the AppStore?

After creating your app from the panel, you will need to create your App Store account, and pass us the account information. You can review the article “How to Create an Apple Developer Account?” for more information. Once you have created your account, you can read the article “How to Upload your iOS App on Apple AppStore?”.

After completing the necessary steps, you can contact MobiRoller team, who will proceed with creating and publishing the necessary iPA file (iOS app package) under the AppStore account you have created.

Owners of the yearly Pro and Business packs do not need to create their own Apple Developer accounts. If desired, you may have your app published through the MobiRoller’s developer account for free.

After publishing your mobile app on the mobile markets, you may proceed to the article Final Step: Promoting the App.