Step 7: Publish Your App On Markets

We have completed all of your Mobile Application steps in order and our application is ready. Now you can publish your app to MobiRoller App Store, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store if you want to reach more users.

We recommend that you should test your app with a final preview or using a current APK before publishing it. We’ve examined how to test it in our Step 4: Preview Your App.

How Do I Publish My Mobile App at Mobiroller Market?

In order to publish your Android application at MobiRoller Market, click on the Publish screen in the left menu.

In this screen, you have to fill in the required sections. Descriptions of the desired fields are as follows;

Explanation: This is the area where you need to explain what your mobile application works for and what features it has. You can use up to 4000 characters.

Short Description: This is the first text seen by users looking at the details of your mobile application at MobiRoller Market. It is limited to 80 characters. Users can expand this text to view the full description of your application.

Recent Changes: This is where you need to explain your changes to this version when you want to update your live mobile app. You can use up to 500 characters.

Keywords: This is the field you should type by separating the keywords describing your mobile application with a comma (,). You can use up to 80 characters.

Category: In order to help users discover your mobile app, you need to select the category that best suits your app from this area. 

Content Rating: With a content rating, you can find out which age groups, etc. you specify that the appeals to segments.

Screenshots: The screenshots you upload are displayed on your app details page at MobiRoller Market. Select at least 2 screenshots to introduce your application. We recommend that you pay attention to this, as the visual success of the screenshots you choose will lead to more downloads of your application. You can enter up to 5 screenshots. In addition, the screenshots you upload should be 640 x 1136 pixels in size and have a PNG, JPG or JPEG extension.

After you fill in the requested information, please read and confirm the terms of the publication and mark I’ve read and agreed section click on the Upload to Market button.

On the screen that appears,

If you published your mobile app on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store yourself, you must enter the link in the appropriate field.

If you do not have an application in the market, leave it empty and click Apply. Now, your publishing request has been sent to the MobiRoller team. MobiRoller team examines the publishing requests in detail and evaluates them within 1 to 5 business days. After your application is published, your market link will be emailed to you. If it has not been published, you will be notified by email. You can request to reorder and publish.

After that, when you click on the publish screen, you will be greeted by a different screen,

Edit Market Information: You can update your application’s information at MobiRoller Market through this option.

Market Operations: You can check the status of your application at MobiRoller Market with this option.

Share Your App: Click this button to share your app on your website. For more information, please see the Introduction category.

How Do I Publish My Mobile App at the Google Play Store?

You can examine How do I Upload My Android App at Google Play? regarding publishing your Android app to the Google Play Store you can check out the article.

How Do I Publish My Mobile App at the Apple App Store?

After you’ve created your app from the panel, you’ll need to open your account from the Apple Store and provide us your account information. In order to open an account, you can examine How to Open an Apple Developer Account?  After you’ve created your account, you can also read How do you install your iOS app on the Apple App Store? in order to upload your application to your iTunes account.

After completing the steps, if you contact MobiRoller Support Team, MobiRoller Team will prepare the required iPA (iOS application package) file for you and publish your application from the Apple App Store account you opened.

Note: In order to create an iOS application, you must have at least a Pro-Pack at MobiRoller. iOS applications can not be created in ECO and Free Packages. 

Important: When you create iOS and Android apps, you must have your own Developer Accounts to publish to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Sharing from MobiRoller developer account is not possible.

After publishing your mobile application in the market, you have successfully completed the application construction stages.