What are Premium Membership Packages? What is the Benefit to the App?

Premium packages are services that will provide you with additional features when it is creating your app in MobiRoller.

These services are as follows;

  • Creating User Groups: You can display special screens for your users with this feature.
  • Special Push Notification for Groups: You can send push notifications to groups that you specify.
  • Ad Gain: You can add ads to your app with Google AdMob and earn money by upgrading to premium packages.
  • Push Notification: You can send unlimited push notifications.
  • Multilingual: You can add multiple language options for your app
  • iOS App: If you are a PRO or BUS pack owner, you can also create your iOS app.

You can examine the Pricing page for more detailed information regarding packages.

For detailed questions and comments, please contact us at support@mobiroller.com.