What is Creating User Groups?

Creating user groups is a private service for only our Business package users. You can determine the dynamic user profile by creating User Groups. For this process,

You need to login to Profile Elements.

On the left side of your panel, you can access the Manage> Membership> Profile Elements section by clicking the (+) button here,

What is Creating User Groups

You can add a Profile Element, this will allow you to increase the desired information while your users register in your app.

What is Creating User Groups-A

For instance; You can ask your users for provincial information and send private push notifications by province or show different screens.

Role Management

You can access the Manage> Membership> System Role Management section on the left side of your panel by clicking the Add System Role button here,

What is Creating User Groups-B

When you click the Add System Role button, you can add roles from the screen that comes up. 

What is Creating User Groups-C

You can use these roles that you create in two processes.

1. Screen Display by Roles

You can activate the membership feature from the Manage> Login section on the left side of your panel and select a screen from the Login Required Screens that require membership. After making the selection, the Manage System Roles button will be active on the right of that screen. 

What is Creating User Groups-D

With the Manage Roles button, you can determine which roles can see this screen.

2. Sending Special Instant Notifications to Groups

Click the Push Notification> Send Push Notification button on the left side of your panel, from the screen you see, select the Send To button as Only Members and activate the Filter By Profile Elements button.

What is Creating User Groups-F

You can filter the fields such as Name Surname, City, Email, Role and send your push notification to a person or a group with the Save button after completing the Notification Message section.