What’s APK Package Name?

The APK Package Name is the directory of the app on the Android operating system, as well as the address of the app on the Google Play Store. Therefore, the APK Package Name must be unique (multiple apps with the same APK Package Name cannot be published).

What Should Consider When Creating an APK Package Name?

The APK Package Name must not contain spaces and special characters (such as “.” “_” except special characters,). The APK Package Name must contain at least one period (eg“ xx.xxx ”). The generally accepted form of APK Package Name creation is the reverse domain name (some sort of reverse address of web address). In order to give an APK Package Name that conforms to this definition, the address does not have to be a valid address; in general, an APK Package Name structured as “com.companyname.appname”  is the most appropriate structure.

Granting APK Package Names based on these rules ensures that published apps have a directory hierarchy. For instance, if you define an APK Package Name such as “com.companyname.myfirstapp”, the app will be placed under “com/companyname/firstapp” as a directory. For the second app publish in this order, provide a user-friendly and orderly structure like “com/companyname/mysecondapp”.

Furthermore, the APK Package Name is important to ensure that the app is searched in the market, so we highly recommend that you pay attention to this detail when you are creating your APK Package Name.

Can Change The APK Package Name of the App Later?

No, if you do this, it means it is required that you are publishing a new app. The APK Package Name must be unique and special to the app you are publishing.