Who is the Owner of the Mobile App?

MobiRoller does not claim any rights to your appl. You create your mobile app yourself, and you enter the content. Therefore, you are the owner of the app you enter and you are responsible for the content. You publish your app for free or paid, depending on your preference.

Charges for your paid published mobile app will be sent to your developer accounts by Apple and Google and they are not linked to MobiRoller.

You must have at least one  Eco Package in order to add ads to your app. You’re adding ads to your app by Google AdMob. Your advertising revenue will also be credited to the account you specify in your AdMob account. Your advertising revenue is paid by Google. There is no connection with MobiRoller.

Ads in free packages belong to MobiRoller. You cannot generate revenue from these ads.

For detailed information and comments please send an e-mail to support@mobiroller.com.