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v1.12.03 - 07.08.2021
  • Hata Giderme Fixed the problem of incorrectly adding app permissions granted during APK & AAB production.
v1.12.02 - 04.08.2021
  • Bug Fix Fixed errors that occurred during AAB file generation.
v1.12.01 - 04.08.2021
  • Bug Fix Fixed errors that occurred during AAB file generation.
v1.12.00 - 03.08.2021
  • New Feature Added AAB production support to Android app production. Now, not only APK file but also AAB file can be created from the system.
v1.11.08 - 27.04.2021
  • Improved The work on dynamically managing the permissions of the users within the app has been completed.
v1.11.07 - 11.01.2021
  • Bug Fix Reseller packages were incorrectly downgraded to the free plan.
v1.11.04 - 26.12.2020
  • Bug Fix The is Reseller parameter in the custom parameters was wrong. The error has been corrected.
v1.11.03 - 26.12.2020
  • Improved The problem of sending e-mails sent via Sendy to users in different languages has been fixed
v1.11.01 - 21.12.2020
  • Bug Fix The problem of sending the same e-mails multiple times to users in the trial process has been solved.
v1.10.06 - 13.12.2020
  • Bug Fix Product planning in English and date formats in the field of products were different, and both were provided in the same format.
v1.10.05 - 13.12.2020
  • Bug Fix The problem that the user I have given administrator authority cannot view the "DASHBOARD" part when he enters the application through the control panel has been fixed.
v1.09.05 - 13.11.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed the issue where the provider's incorrect provider information is displayed while making the payment.
v1.09.04 - 12.11.2020
  • Bug Fix Arrangements have been made to mark the account plan status information of accounts with successful payments as active.
v1.09 - 02.11.2020
  • Improved For our foreign customers, country information has started to be displayed in the address field on their invoices.
v1.08 - 27.10.2020
  • New Feature As the application owner, users were enabled to follow their statistics via Google Analytics for Firebase.
v1.07.09 - 14.10.2020
  • Bug Fix The error that was sent to us as the invited user can add a role in the chat module but cannot delete it, has been corrected.
v1.07.06 - 12.10.2020
  • Improved System-wide improvements have been made to reduce APK sizes.
  • Bug Fix The main image and background image did not change in the form module.
  • Bug Fix System e-mails sent were showing incorrect on mobile devices.
v1.07.05 - 07.10.2020
  • Improved An arrangement was made to delete applications whose trial period continues.
  • Bug Fix Accounts authorized to add / update modules could not add Chat modules.
v1.07.04 - 06.10.2020
  • Bug Fix If " ' " (quotation mark) is used in the application name while creating an application, the application will not be created.
  • Improved It is ensured that phone information is received before the APK generation step and SMS / Number verification is made.
  • Improved Sending e-mails to the system has been activated to inform the applications whose trial period has expired.
  • New Feature The membership filter has been added to the advanced targeting section of the push notification.
v1.07.03 - 21.09.2020
  • Bug Fix The settings in the e-commerce module could not be saved.
v1.07.02 - 21.09.2020
  • Bug Fix Trial filtering bugs fixed
v1.07.01 - 21.09.2020
  • Bug Fix The problem of recording and locking the page after updating the content in the photo gallery module has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue where when Sendy creates a new application in user registrations, user data takes system defaults according to the created application and language.
v1.07 - 15.09.2020
  • Improved Trial process has been activated.
  • Bug Fix Incorrect user names in the application list have been fixed.
  • Bug Fix On the Sendy side, users' language and creation dates were incorrect and not updated.
v1.06.15 - 08.09.2020
  • Bug Fix The problem of not being reflected in APK production after changing the opening image (splash) has been fixed.
v1.06.14 - 31.08.2020
  • Bug Fix Unnecessary logs and vulnerabilities due to long HTML data printing in old and new content printed with Audit Log have been removed.
v1.06.13 - 28.08.2020
  • Bug Fix The error in sending e-mails to domains such as hotmail, msn, live, outlook by the mail provider has been fixed.
v1.06.12 - 26.08.2020
  • Bug Fix The error that caused the order to not be completed when the payment at the door was selected in the old version in the E-Commerce module has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix Due to the ability to press the save button over and over on the profile elements in the membership module, the error of duplicate records has been fixed.
v1.06.11 - 18.08.2020
  • Bug Fix The problem of cities not being sequenced by Turkish characters in Country - City selections has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix After adding Youtube link on the special screen, it changes and does not work when registered.
v1.06.10 - 17.08.2020
  • New Feature Improvements have been made to support more currencies in the Product Catalog module.
  • Bug Fix Optimization and file cleaning processes that cause crashes in APK production and slow down the APK production process were made asynchronous and errors were fixed.
  • Bug Fix Password reset problem in social media accounts has been resolved.
  • Improved In the e-commerce module, an improvement was made in Turkish character support in the city area in the address section.
  • Bug Fix Errors related to an address entered in the e-commerce module not being updated or deleted has been fixed.
v1.06.09 - 13.08.2020
  • Bug Fix No internet connection warning when the SoundCloud module is turned on has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix Errors in account closing step have been resolved.
  • Bug Fix An error when entering long text for the invoice address is fixed.
  • Bug Fix Chat Role management texts are displayed in Turkish when English language is selected.
  • Bug Fix When the Audit Log invited user is deleted, the e-mail address field is blank in the printed log.
  • Bug Fix The row background in the Emergency and Important Numbers module has been removed.
  • New Feature The error of deleting the http and https tags of the video links added to the text editor has been fixed.
v1.06.08 - 05.08.2020
  • New Feature Fixed issue where images could not be added while receiving a package for APK production and as a result of not being able to create APK
v1.06.07 - 28.07.2020
  • Bug Fix The invalid link in the mail content sent in the Forgot Password section of the Preview application has been fixed.
v1.06.06 - 21.07.2020
  • Bug Fix The video cannot be embedded in the e-commerce module and the text editors in the special display module has been fixed.
v1.06.05 - 20.07.2020
  • Bug Fix The error of the current versions of Splash and icon images despite the new APK being produced has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix The error related to the application icon not being changed has been fixed.
v1.06.04 - 20.07.2020
  • Bug Fix The video cannot be added to the product description in the E-Commerce module has been fixed.
v1.06.03 - 17.07.2020
  • Bug Fix The error of not deleting users registered in member management has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the error that the added profile elements cannot be deleted.
v1.06.02 - 16.07.2020
  • Bug Fix The error encountered when clicking the refresh button on the form data screen has been corrected.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the issue where application icon change was not reflected on the panel.
v1.06.0 - 07.07.2020
  • New Feature Paypal has been added to the payment options in the E-Commerce module.
v1.05.6.2 - 30.06.2020
  • Bug Fix The problem with sending form data via e-mail has been fixed.
v1.05.6 - 25.06.2020
  • Improved 279 new currencies in ISO 4217 standards were added to the E-Commerce module.
v1.05.5.3 - 23.06.2020
  • Bug Fix The error that a user who was given administrative authority encountered while adding Twitter and Communication module was fixed.
v1.05.5.2 - 23.06.2020
  • Bug Fix In the e-commerce module, the incorrect warning in price fields during the English and Turkish content entry phase has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix In the e-commerce module, incorrect warning text in the publication date field has been fixed during product addition.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the error when adding communication module.
  • Bug Fix The warning color that appears when you do not enter the message of the second language in the instant notification area has been fixed.
v1.05.5.1 - 18.06.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed the problem of loading when user adds module.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the issue of shifting to a higher order when a module was moved from the content area.
v1.05.5 - 11.06.2020
  • New Feature Basket feature has been added to the e-commerce module.
v1.05.4.7 - 02.06.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed the situation that prevented the visual, mp3 and pdf loading that appeared in the latest version of Chrome.
v1.05.4.6 - 28.04.2020
  • Bug Fix Business and Reseller - The problem with the transition from monthly package to annual package has been fixed.
v1.05.4.5 - 28.04.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed iOS ad codes not being reflected in the app.
v1.05.4.4 - 27.04.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed the error when adding membership profile elements.
v1.05.4.3 - 24.04.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed the issue that package names could not be edited when generating APK.
v1.05.4 - 24.04.2020
  • New Feature When sending instant notification, the feature of entering the notification title has been added.
  • New Feature Added visual feature when sending instant notifications.
  • New Feature External link forwarding feature has been added for instant notifications.
  • New Feature New targeting fields have been added for instant notifications advanced targeting.
  • New Feature E-Commerce feature is opened to Eco and Pro packages.
  • Bug Fix Fixed the issue of not sending instant notifications to iOS 13.X devices.
  • Bug Fix The form and communication module cannot be deleted error in the content area has been fixed.
  • Removed The Google Analytics code entry field, which removed mobile support, has been removed.
  • Removed Weather module was removed due to API side not working properly.
v1.05.3 - 02.04.2020
  • New Feature It is provided to edit privileges for invited users.
  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue where the Admob Android interstitial ad code could not be saved.
v1.05.2.2 - 30.03.2020
  • Bug Fix The error that prevented him from updating the catalog screen has been fixed.
v1.05.2.1 - 19.03.2020
  • Bug Fix A modal exception preventing APK generation is fixed.
v1.05.2 - 18.03.2020
  • Beta Rights assignment for invited users is now possible.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a problem that occurred when exporting form data.
v1.05.1.6 - 26.02.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed a problem that could occur when adding a product in the e-commerce module.
v1.05.1 - 26.02.2020
  • New Feature Added a possibility to invite users, and invite others to manage the app.
  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue where the widget that would display the password strength in the register step would appear bugged.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a design issue where a long app name would look bad on the app list screen.
v1.05.0.46 - 21.02.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue where name and surname would appear incorrectly on the information e-mails.
  • Bug Fix A billing info problem that resulted in errors in recurring payments is fixed.
v1.05.0.44 - 27.01.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed a problem on 1.5.0 Beta version, where profile information would not be saved.
v1.05.0.42 - 27.01.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed a problem that occured with preview tool on 1.5.0 Beta version.
v1.05.0.32 - 24.01.2020
  • Bug Fix Fixed an issue with generating APK files on 1.5.0 Beta version.
v1.05.0 - 20.01.2020
  • New Feature Redesigned the login and register pages.
  • New Feature Redesigned the app list page.
  • New Feature Added a field on the dashboard to enter the iOS ad codes.
  • New Feature The preview tool on the dashboard is improved.
  • New Feature Invoices can now be created on E-archive, thanks to new e-archive integration.
v1.03.2 - 22.06.2018
  • Yenilik Now you can disable or enable toolbar (top bar) display option for your Web Module. When you disable toolbar from your panel, this option hides toolbar completely and gives you more space to display your web content.
v1.03.1 - 18.06.2018
  • New Feature You can check version number on your panel page at the bottom side.
  • New Feature Multi language support added to Web Module URL part. Now you can enter URL for each language that your application supports.
  • Bug Fix The error conditions that occurred when clicking on the content page were fixed.