iOS Version Notes

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To activate the new version in your app, you need to update your iOS app in the Apple App Store. Learn more about how to update your iOS app here.

v2.3.10, February 12, 2020

  •   Bug Fix    Fixed an issue causing a delay with updating of content on apps.

v2.3.9, February 11, 2020

  •   Bug Fix    Fixed the functioning of about module.
  •   Bug Fix    Fixed an issue causing emergency numbers and product catalog modules to not work from bottom menu.

v2.3.8, January 23, 2020

  •   Bug Fix    Webview not displaying content before fully loading it: fixed.
  •   Bug Fix    Photos not fully fitting the screen on photo gallery.
  •   Bug Fix    Yellow tone on the background is fixed.

v2.2.26, April 2, 2019

  •   Bug Fix    Fixed an issue where the catalog module would get broken with too many items added.
  •   Bug Fix    Fixed an issue where push notifications would not appear in users inbox.
  •   New Feature    Form and user profile screens can use the camera to take a picture for adding images.

v2.2.18, July 16, 2018 

  •  Fixed   On RSS screen, placement, and design errors are fixed.

v2.2.17, June 22, 2018

  •   New     A new option has been added to the sliding menu type.
  •   New      Improved URL language support for website module. If you add multiple language options to your app, you can add a different URL for each language in the website module.
  •   New      In the website module, the top bar closure option is activated.

v2.2.17, June 1, 2018

  •   New    YouTube module has been updated.
  •   New     Adding photos feature has been added to the Form module.
  •   New    Transition animation feature has been added.
  •   Improved    In the TV live broadcast module, the performance optimization was made.
  •   Improved    Date option added to the message box module.
  •   Improved     Refresh feature has been introduced to switch among classic menu type pages.
  •   Improved     If the text which is sent through the push notification is the same with the headline in RSS, the feature of redirecting the content of the headline has been optimized.
  •   Fixed     In the standard content module, the error of missing text has been fixed.