3. How to Update the Application in Huawei App Gallery?

In this article, we explained how to update the application you have installed in AppGallery. You can update your application by following the steps here.


Before starting the update process, generate a new APK from the Mobiroller Panel and download the updated APK file to your computer. You can find detailed information about APK generation here.

Step-1: You must log in App Gallery Connect to update your application. Click here to login. You can log in with the e-mail and password you set when opening a developer account.

Step-2: After logging in, click the My apps button on the page that appears.

Step-3: After clicking the My apps button, you will see a list of the applications you have previously installed in AppGallery. Click on the application you want to update from here.

Step-4: When you click on the application you want to update from the application list, the page with the information of that application will open. Click the Version / Upgrade button on the left menu on this page.

Step-5: When you click the Version / Upgrade button, a new tab titled New version will appear in the same left menu. Click on the New version button here.

Step-6: After clicking the New version button, scroll down to the page that opens. Click on the Manage app packages button in the app version area.

Step-7: Click the Upload button on the page that opens.

Step-8: Click the + button in the window that opens on the screen and select the current APK file you have produced and downloaded to your computer and install it.

Step-9: After uploading the updated APK file, click on the Submit button on the upper right corner of the screen.

Step-10: After these operations, “Your app is submitted and pending review. You can cancel the review if there any changes in your release plan. ” expression will appear.

Congratulations 🙂

You have updated your application by doing the above-mentioned steps in order. The update application is generally evaluated within 2-3 working days and the result is notified to you by e-mail.

If you are getting an error even though you have done all the steps correctly, send an e-mail to support@mobiroller.com with screenshots. We will review it as soon as possible and provide you with support.