Frequently Asked Questions About Huawei Mobile Services and App Gallery

What is App Gallery?

App Gallery is the official app store of Huawei. While there are 60000 applications in the App Gallery, which is actively used in 170 countries, both the number of applications and the number of active users continues to increase rapidly every day. You can search, download and share mobile applications using the App Gallery. In addition, App Gallery provides access to applications that do not require installation with its Quick App feature. Thus, it saves users for battery and capacity usage in mobile devices.

In addition, App Gallery is not only used on devices with Huawei. App Gallery can be downloaded and used actively on all devices with Android operating system.

What is HMS?

HMS, namely Huawei Mobile Services, is an ecosystem in which Huawei creates its own mobile world. Restricted access to Google services after the events between America and China, Huawei developed its own mobile services, the HMS ecosystem. Having achieved great success with this ecosystem it has developed, Huawei is rapidly advancing its success with its own application store App Gallery.

Providing approximately 35 services such as ads kit, push kit, location kit under the roof of HMS Core, HMS offers many opportunities to mobile developers such as database, security, advertising and generating revenue. Making its voice heard in the whole mobile world with HMS, Huawei has proven its success to anyone who thinks it will fail in this regard. You can find all detailed documents about Huawei mobile services here.

1- Are Huawei mobile services paid?

No. Mobile developers do not need to pay any fees to use Huawei mobile services.

2- Can HMS be used only on devices with Huawei?

No. Huawei mobile services can be downloaded and used on any device with an Android operating system.

3- How will HMS affect end users? Will Huawei phones not be used by Google?

There is no negative situation affecting the end user in new generation Huawei devices. The only change is that the GMS (Google Mobile Services) used in the applications are not available on these devices and by integrating Huawei services instead of these services, the applications continue to be used in the same way by the end user without any changes.

4- Which phones of Huawei no longer have Google mobile services?

Google mobile services are no longer used on new devices that have been on sale since 2020, and Huawei mobile services are included. However, there are Google mobile services on devices sold and available on the market before 2020.

5- Do I have to pay any fees to become a Huawei Developer?

No. There is no need to pay any fees to become a Huawei developer. Huawei provides all the conveniences for both individual and corporate developers to be a part of this ecosystem.

6- How can I become a Huawei Developer?

You can find the support article that we think will help you in your developer account opening process here.

7- How long does it take to review and approve the Huawei Developer account?

When creating a developer account, if the information is entered and approved correctly, the account can be approved and actively used within one or two business days.

8- I created a developer account. Can I publish my app for free on App Gallery?

The application can be published in the App Gallery without any fee.

9- Is App Gallery available only on Huawei devices?

No. You can download and use App Gallery on all devices with Android operating system.

10- How long does it take for an application to be reviewed and approved when publishing an application in App Gallery?

It takes an average of 2 to 3 days for an application to be reviewed, tested and approved before it is released. If approved, the application is published within that day. For the application that is not approved for publication and rejected, information is sent by sending an e-mail about why the developer is rejected. After the developer has made the necessary changes, the application can be published in the App Gallery when it is reviewed and approved again.