🎬How are Movies, Series and TV Applications Made?

In this article, we explained how you can make movies, series, TV apps and publish them on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can also prepare your messaging application in minutes by reviewing this article.

Sample Application Review

Before starting a film application, you can find examples of movies, series and TV applications made with the Mobiroller panel here.


To make a movie, series or TV application, you must first decide which source to add your videos to the application. For example, you can add a movie to your application via YouTube or a website. After deciding on the resource, you should use the appropriate module for you.

Website Module

If you want to add a movie to your application via a website or web link, you should use the website module in the Mobiroller panel.

YouTube Module

You can use the YouTube module to add videos or movies to your application via YouTube. You can also add YouTube videos to the application with the website module, but we recommend you to use the YouTube module for a better quality application. For detailed use of the YouTube module, you can look here.

TV Live Broadcast Module

If you want to add the feature of watching Live TV to your application, you can use the TV Live broadcast module. Broadcast links you will use in TV Live Broadcast module must be IP links. These links can be links with m3u8 extension. Live broadcast links on the websites of TV channels will not work in this module. You can use these web links in the website module.

Web.tv Module

If you want to add movies, tv or videos to your application with embed code, you can use the Web.tv module. You can add YouTube videos or different platforms and videos to your application with Web.tv application.

Publish Your Application in Store

Here you can see how you can share your application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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