How Can the App be Speeded Up? How Can The Size of The App Reduced?

The speed of the app is undoubted of great importance to provide a better mobile app experience to your users. The faster your app is, the users will increase their happiness at the same rate while using your app. As Mobiroller, we are aware of this and we are constantly updating our system accordingly.

In order for your app to be up to date and faster, you need to make the necessary updates in the Google Play Store.

The speed of the app is directly related to the internet connection of the users who use the app.

If you have made too many changes to the content of your app and have not updated your APK for a long time, it may take a long time for users to pull those updates.

In this case, from the Home tab, you should click Manage Your APK.

On the screen that comes up, you need to update the market by producing an APK with the Generate New APK button. You can learn more information by reading relevant article 3. How to Update an App in Google Play Store?

If you use modules such as Web Site, RSS link in your app and the speed of the links you add is slow, these modules will open slowly in your app. Therefore, you need to be careful that the links you add to the app should be fast.

You can optimize the images you add to your app to reduce the size of it. The small size of the pictures you add to the areas such as Splash Image, List Item background, Default background image will reduce the area covered by your app. If you want to change the background images of your app, simply go to the Appearance> General Preferences menu.

You can also upload individual backgrounds for each of your content. You can change the background from the bottom part by clicking on the content you want to change its background. When you save it will be reflected in your app.

If you change the images of your app with small sizes, the area takes up in your app will decrease.