How to Use TV Live Broadcast PRO (IP TV) Module?

You can live broadcast through your mobile application by adding your live broadcast link with the TV Live Broadcast Pro module.

How to add TV Live Broadcast PRO Module to My App?

You can see Active Modules by clicking the Content tab on the left side of your control panel. First of all, click the Enable button under the TV Live Broadcast PRO module.

After activating the TV Live Broadcast PRO module, you can add modules to the content of your mobile application by clicking the Add to App button.

On the screen that appears,

Title: You can enter the name of the TV Live Broadcast PRO module you added that will appear in the application.

IP TV Stream Link: You can enter the broadcast link of the TV Live Broadcast PRO module from this field.

These links can be links with m3u8 extension. Live broadcast links on the websites of TV channels will not work in this module. You can use these web links in the website module.

After completing the required fields, you can add the TV Live Broadcast PRO module to your Android/iOS application with the Save button at the top right.

NOTE: After this process, you need to generate a new APK / AAB / IPA file. Otherwise, it will not appear in your app.