Music & SoundCloud

You can easily add your own music list or Soundcloud playlists to your app with the Music & SoundCloud module, and offer your users a beautiful music experience.

How to Add Music & SoundCloud Module to the App?

On the left side of your control panel, you can see Active Modules by clicking the Content tab. You can also add the module to the content of your mobile app with the Add to App button under the Music & SoundCloud module.

On the screen you see,

Title: You can enter the name of the Music & SoundCloud module you added, which will appear in the app.

Album text: You can enter the description of the music album you will add from.

Album text background color: You can set the background image of the album description field where you enter the album information.

List item height: Each piece of music in the album will be displayed on one line. You can set the row height of each row here.

Use Soundcloud: If you have a subscription to Soundcloud, you can automatically transfer your albums and lists there to your app.

Songs: If you want to add music files to your mobile app from your computer or web page, you can activate this field.

Images: You can edit the background, main picture, and line background pictures of the module within the application from this area.

How to Find Soundcloud Username?

If you want to activate your Soundcloud account in your mobile app, you must fill out in the Username section. Next, you have to choose one of the Tracks or Set properties.


Username: In this field, you need to enter the URL after the section from your Soundcloud account’s All tab.

For example; Your username at is mobiroller-1.[/ alert]


Tracks: It will show the songs in the Tracks section of your Soundcloud account.

Set: It will show the albums in the Albums section of your Soundcloud account.

After completing the fields requested from you, you can add the Music & SoundCloud module to your Android / iOS app with the Save button on the top right.

You can see the Music & SoundCloud module you added from the App Content field.