3. How to Upload an App to Apple App Store?

If you are already done with creating a Bundle ID for your app, it means you are quite close to submitting your app for publishing. Now let’s see how to do just that: How to upload an iOS app to the Apple App Store:

Please do not forget to add your Admob iOS ID to the iOS Generation Tool before the IPA Generation so that you can use and activate your Admob ads in your application whenever you want! 

Log in with your Apple developer account at https://developer.apple.com/account/ to submit your app. If you are already logged in, you can go to App Store Connect and proceed to the 3rd step in this article.

If you don’t have an Apple Developer Account, you can take a look at our 2. How to create an Apple Developer Account? article.

You Should Consider These Before Installing Your App

– Your app’s screenshots in the market must reflect the in-app and not belong to any Android device. (Even if you take the screenshot from the Android device, you have to crop the status bar)

– You should not leave the Description, Keywords and Support URL fields blank.

– There should be no transparency in your application logo. If your logo has transparency, these transparent areas will be painted black by Apple during your upload.

– Your application content should not only consist of your website. The Apple App Store rejects apps that offer the same experience as Safari but do not offer added value.

– You must fill in your contact information completely.

– If there will be in-app purchases in your application (product sales, subscription transactions, etc.), you must complete these transactions before your application is sent for review. Otherwise, in-app purchases in your application will not work. Here’s how to make an in-app purchase.

– You must fill in the required fields in App Privacy and click Publish.

– If there is any section in your application that requires membership, you must create a demo account and specify the login information in the “Sign-in Required” field so that the Apple App Store can also review this section.

– To install your app smoothly and quickly, you need to turn off two-step verification and turn on two-factor verification. You can take the necessary action by making use of the article named Switching from two-step verification to two-factor authentication.

– After completing all the steps, you need to fill out your IPA information to the iOS Generation Tool. You can click here to learn how to generate IPA file.

The steps for submitting your app to the Apple App Store are:

1. After you sign in with your Apple Developer Account, click App Store Connect on the next screen.

uygulama Apple App Store'a nasıl yüklenir App Store Connect

If you have logged in before with your developer account and did not log out, you can go to https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/ and proceed directly to step 3 in this article.

2. The next screen (as shown below) includes descriptions of what you can do with App Store Connect. Click Go to App Store Connect to proceed to the next step.

uygulama Apple App Store'a nasıl yüklenir Go to App Store Connect

3. Now click My Apps to continue.

uygulama Apple App Store'a nasıl yüklenir My Apps

4. To add a new app, click button on the top left corner, and choose New App on the menu.

5. If you don’t have a Bundle ID, you will get a warning about it.

uygulama Apple App Store'a nasıl yüklenir Bundle ID register one here

You can create a Bundle ID by clicking the Register one here button. To create a Bundle ID, you can get help from our 3. How to create a Bundle ID? article.

6. If you do have a Bundle ID, the screen below will appear. This window is where you name your app, choose its Bundle ID, and choose other settings like its language.

The fields on this wizard screen are:

  • Name: Your app’s name
  • Platforms: The platform you’ve created the app for (You have to choose iOS because MobiRoller doesn’t support tvOS)
  • Primary Language: Your app’s language
  • Bundle ID: Package name
  • SKU Number: The code generated for your app (Date + App Name) Example; 061021testapp
  • User Access: You must choose whether your app has Limited Access or Full Access.

After you fill in the requested fields, click Create to continue.

7. Add screenshots of the application to the screen that comes up, in JPEG  format of 5.5 inches (1242×2208 pixels) and 6.5 inches (1242×2688 pixels). It is mandatory to add 3 screenshots in these two fields. (You can take the screenshot from the Android device, but don’t forget to crop the status bar, otherwise Apple will reject your app)

8. When you scroll a little bit down, you will see the description and keyword fields.

  • Promotional Text: The promotional part of your app in the Apple App Store.
  • Description: The description part of your app in the Apple App Store.
  • Keywords: The keywords of your app.
  • Support URL: This field is for you to enter the support site, contact info or the website for your app.

9. When you scroll down, you will see the fields about the Copyright section at the bottom of the page. This is the section where you show the copyright of the application. If you are not sure what to write, you can write the name of your application in this field.

Note: You do not need to install anything in the Build section. The IPA file created after your IPA appointment will arrive there approximately 3-4 hours after the appointment.

10. When you scroll down, you will see the fields about Contact Information, you need to enter your contact information in the field, where Apple can contact you.

If you have a membership section in your application or site, you need to define an admin authorized demo account in the field below by clicking the Sign-in required section in order for Apple to review the application. (Username: test@apple.com Password: 123456 olması gerekmektedir). You need to create these memberships in your application and on your site as well.

If there is no membership system, you can leave this field blank.

After performing these operations, do not forget to go to the top of the page and press the Save button.

11. Go to the App Information area on the left side of the screen and enter the subtitle of your application in the Subtitle section. This field is optional, so you can leave it blank.

12. In this section, you need to enter the general information of your application.

– Bundle ID: Here you can select or change the Bundle ID you have created for your application.
– Category: You need to specify which category your application is in. You need to add the priority category to the Primary section and the secondary category to the Secondary section.

– Content Rights: You need to specify whether the content in your application has access to 3rd party applications and if there is, whether you are authorized for this. (For example; If you are taking news from a news site, do you have the authority to report this news? If you are showing a youtube account in your application, do these contents belong to you?)

– Age Rating:
You should select the options below according to the content of your application and click the Next button.

In the first option, tick “Yes” if your application provides access to restricted sites, or “No” if not. In the second option, tick “Yes” if your application includes gambling, or “No” if not. and click the Next button.

To reduce the chance of your application being rejected, you need to select Restrict to 17+ here and click Done. After doing this, do not forget to click the Save button on the top right of the page.

13. After completing the App Information area, click on the Pricing and Availability section on the left of the screen and specify the price of your application in the Price section. Don’t forget to click the Save button on the top right after you’ve done this.

14. After completing the Pricing and Availability section, click on App Privacy on the left.

Privacy Policy URL:
If you have a privacy policy page that you have created for the application, you can give the link of the relevant page here. If you do not have such a page, you can access the MobiRoller Confidentiality Agreement, which you can use in the Apple Store publication.

– At first, you need to click Edit and add a Confidentiality Agreement link for your application. After adding the relevant link, click the Save button.

After installing the Confidentiality Agreement, click the Get Started button. In the Get Started field, you must specify which data your application collects and for what purpose. If there is no system to collect any cookies or data, you can choose No. After choosing the correct option for your application, click the Next button. If you chose Yes, you will be asked to choose which data to use and why.

– After completing the data collection process, click the Publish button on the top right of the page to confirm your Confidentiality Agreement and the information you have given about Data Collection.

15. If there will be in-app purchases in your application (product sales, subscription, etc.), you must complete these transactions before your application is submitted for review. Otherwise, in-app purchases in your application will not work. If you request this after IPA production, there will be a $25 fee as it will have to be produced again.

Here’s how to make an in-app purchase.

Note: Your application gets its Logo from the logo you added to your application in the Mobiroller panel. This logo should not have any transparent areas. Otherwise, all transparent areas will be black.

After filling in all this requested information, you should move to next step to generate your IPA file.

How to Generate an IPA file for Apple App Store?

IPA is the file extension that enables the storage of applications on devices using the iOS operating system, and this file must be produced in order for the application to be uploaded to the market.

When you click to Generate button on the iOS Generation Tool, your IPA file will be generated and uploaded to your developer account within seven (7) business days. After it, you need to send it to review.

Apple evaluates your app for specifications, content, and design. If there is no objectionable situation and the quality of the application is sufficient, the application enters the acceptance process. This process usually takes between 2-7 days.

Since the evaluation process is entirely at Apple’s discretion, we can’t make a commitment that every application will be accepted into the Apple App Store.

If your application is rejected by Apple, the rejection information and reason will be sent to your e-mail address.

In such a case, you should update the incorrect or missing fields in your application according to the incoming e-mail and contact the Mobiroller Technical Team at support@mobiroller.com. Our technical team will try to help you with errors and deficiencies in your application, but it does not guarantee publication.

Now that you have learned how to upload an iOS application to the Apple App Store, there are two important issues left:

  1. Promote your app to reach wider audiences. You can find more detailed information on this subject in the Introduction section of the MobiRoller Knowledge Base.
  2. Here you can learn how to update the market information, name or icon of the application you have installed on the Apple App Store.