When to Generate a New APK?

In the following cases, you should rebuild APK and update your app on Google Play (if available) with this new APK.

  1. When the Application Icon, Application Name, Opening Image, and Package Name are updated,
  2. If your app doesn’t show ads after you upgrade the package and activate your ads,
  3. If you close ads in your app and still show ads,
  4. To activate a new module or feature in your application,
  5. In your MobiRoller panel, in the Manage> Membership section in the left menu:
    •  If you enter or change the Google API Key for the first time,
    • If you enable Chat module,
    • If you enter or change Firebase information for the first time, you must rebuild the APK.

You can get help from the Generate Android File (APK) article to generate a new APK and the How to Update an App in the Google Play Store article to update your app in the Google Play Store.